Cozy up with a new book

It’s February 1907 on Ellis Island when Molly and her neighbors are distributing warm clothing to immigrant arrivals. A man is stabbed to death there and a young Irish woman, Rose McSweeney, who looks like Molly’s twin is the main suspect. Molly is certain the woman is innocent. Police captain Daniel Sullivan, Molly’s husband, wants his wife to distance herself from any investigation of the murder. Molly does not listen to Daniel’s advice and becomes entangled with more than she anticipated.

The familiar characters are all present. Both little Liam and Bridie, Molly’s ward, are growing up too fast. Sid and Gus, the generous eccentric neighbors, offer to take over the education of Bridie. They believe Bridie’s potential is being wasted at the local public school and they can provide so much more. Molly’s mother-in-law is also present which makes life more difficult in the crowded Sullivan home.

I thoroughly enjoy the Molly Mysteries series and recommend reading the novels in order. (This entry was written with the assistance of the author’s daughter.)

1. Murphy’s Law (2001)
2. Death Of Riley (2002)
3. For the Love of Mike (2003)
4. In Like Flynn (2005)
5. Oh Danny Boy (2006)
6. In Dublin’s Fair City (2007)
7. Tell Me, Pretty Maiden (2008)
8. In a Gilded Cage (2009)
9. The Last Illusion (2010)
10. Bless the Bride (2011)
11. Hush Now, Don’t You Cry (2012)
11.5 The Face in the Mirror (2013)
12. The Family Way (2013)
12.5 Through the Window (2014)
13. City of Darkness and Light (2014)
14. The Edge of Dreams (2015)
15. Away in a Manger (2015)
16. Time of Fog and Fire (2016)
17. The Ghost of Christmas Past (2017)
18. Wild Irish Rose (2022)


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