Who, What, Why…

This isn’t really new thing for us to do, but it is a new way for us to share it with you. What are we sharing? We’re sharing our sundry thoughts about words when they are strung together to make sentences that are connected to make paragraphs that are cobbled together to help us think about new things… Or in other words, we are about to embark on a new way to share our love of words and what they can create!

We aren’t going to use this as just a source for book recommendations. That being said… you might find a title or two that interest you, but that’s not the focus here.

Instead we wanted to find another outlet for our obsession -words! We’ll be talking about things like the upcoming Newbery Awards on January 14th. Or maybe someone will want to discuss where to go to find the most literate communities? We know Rocky River would be top 10 if they included small cities, but for the larger cities? Well we could check America’s Most Literate Cities to find Minneapolis trumps them all! Who knew? If you’re curious, Cleveland is no. 13 which is one better than last year’s no. 14

Or maybe you’ll want to check in with us to see why we’re reading what we read? Why did I check out a copy of Touchstone by Laurie R. King? Okay, that one’s easy: 1) it got a good review and 2) it’s about The Great War which I find interesting. You get the idea though, right? Alright, that was slightly dull but next book might have more “oomph” behind it! Don’t you feel the anticipation building?

So, that’s our plan for today. I’m sure there will be somethings we try, we love, and keep doing. I’m also sure there will be things that we try, we don’t love, and stop doing. Stay tuned for all the excitement to come!


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