Miss Julia Happily Ever After
by Ann B. Ross

The final entry in the Miss Julia series is a delight. There are weddings galore happening in Abbotsville, North Carolina. Some are expected and others are a total surprise. Helen Stroud will probably marry a man who is really looking for a housekeeper/nurse. Etta Mae Wiggins will probably marry her longtime boyfriend. Christy Hargrove is dropping out of medical school to marry a surgeon. Miss Julia’s housekeeper Lillian is thinking of marrying a 98-year-old man for status and his big house which would become hers sooner rather than later. LuAnne Conover just wants to marry again and is searching for Mr. Right. In the midst of all the above drama, Abbotsville, has problems with a naked man terrorizing older women that are home alone. The sightings are frequent. The local sheriff isn’t terribly interested in capturing the man, so Julia Murdoch and the other women in town hatch their own plan.

Over the years, I have thoroughly enjoyed these books The characters flow from book to book, so I highly recommend reading them in order.

Miss Julia series –
1. Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind (1999)
2. Miss Julia Takes Over (2001)
3. Miss Julia Throws a Wedding (2002)
4. Miss Julia Hits the Road (2003)
5. Miss Julia Meets Her Match (2004)
6. Miss Julia’s School of Beauty (2005)
7. Miss Julia Stands Her Ground (2006)
8. Miss Julia Strikes Back (2007)
9. Miss Julia Paints the Town (2008)
10. Miss Julia Delivers the Goods (2009)
11. Miss Julia Renews Her Vows (2010)
12. Miss Julia Rocks the Cradle (2011)
13. Miss Julia to the Rescue (2012)
14. Miss Julia Stirs Up Trouble (2013)
15. Miss Julia’s Marvelous Makeover (2014)
16. Etta Mae’s Worst Bad-Luck Day (2014)
17. Miss Julia Lays Down the Law (2015)
18. Miss Julia Inherits a Mess (2016)
19. Miss Julia Weathers the Storm (2017)
20. Miss Julia Raises the Roof (2018)
21. Miss Julia Takes the Wheel (2019)
22. Miss Julia Knows a Thing or Two (2020)
23. Miss Julia Happily Ever After (2021)


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