Your Library Staff at Home -still doing lots of doing

Well. I’m still not over seeing so much snow fall but Mother Nature knows her business -and who am I to tell her she’s wrong? Maybe this is it though and I can put my boots away now… maybe?

There’s so much going on in the World and it’s so easy to feel overwhelmed, but this week I focused everyday actions I believe will have a positive impact: shopping small to help local businesses, sending my mail-in ballot, reaching out to friends and family with a phone call. I’ve also enjoyed a few other lovely distractions like: making Peanut Butter Bread (with chocolate chips), Some Good News with John Krasinski, and I’m looking forward to watching Capital in the Twenty-First Century on CIFF44 Streams, RRPL’s 2020 Community Partner film!

And this coming week? I still have a pretty tall stack of books I’d like to read but they’ll (still!) be there later, right? So I’m wondering, do you have any suggestions for me? Something to read, to make, to bake, to buy (local please), or the best snack ever? Maybe you want to help me pick one of these Virtual Volunteer opportunities? Let me know!


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