Virtual Book Club – Week 4

Wow, week four of this book club already – time seems to drag on and at the same time, go by so fast! I hope that these discussion questions have gotten you thinking about something other than the pandemic! So let’s turn our brains away from what’s going on outside and to that little duplex on Winslow Road:

  • The novel’s opening begins with the fire and then goes backward in time to trace events leading up to it. Why might Celeste Ng have structured her novel to begin with the ending and the most dramatic event? How does the reverse structure affect your reading of the story? 
  • How does Mrs. Richardson respond to the fire — immediately and then later at night. What does she come to realize about Izzy and her role in her daughter’s behavior. Does she gain your sympathy at the end? 

Questions from  

Next Sunday will be our last week posting discussion questions for Little Fires Everywhere. In May, if the shutdown continues, we’ll pick another book to discuss, so keep an eye on this space for updates!

As always, play nice with others and have fun! Feel free to join the discussion or read some of the comments, and make sure to click the tag for ‘Virtual book club’ to look back on previous weeks. 

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