Latest Additions

Is it possible to be allergic to a day of the week?  I think I’m allergic to Mondays.  It might be that I’m nine months pregnant, but today and last Monday have just been downright tough!  When I arrive to work on Monday morning I’m fine for the first half hour and then BAM!  Cold sweats, increased heart rate, nausea, and foggy thinking.  Last week was so bad I even got in touch with my health care provider, but everything checked out  just fine.  Guess what?! Same thing this week.  I’m going to maintain my personal diagnosis of being allergic to Mondays, and the best treatment is some time with a quality book followed by a nap.

If you too are feeling allergic to Mondays, I suggest you escape the monotony of the start of the week and dive into one of this week’s latest additions to the Reading Room.

dinner with buddha
Dinner with Buddha by Roland Merullo
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dream lover
The Dream Lover by Elizabeth Berg
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Girl Waits with Gun by Amy Stewart
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English Spy
The English Spy by Daniel Silva
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guilty one
The Guilty One by Sophie Littlefield
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Happy reading!

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