Fabulous Five of 2009


1. The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread by Don Robertson is the book that has remained memorable above all others. It was originally published in 1965 but reissued in 2008. I did not know anything about this book before I read it which probably explains the big impression that it made. I am not revealing anything here, so go find this book and read it.

2. The Help by Kathryn Stockett is fabulous. I was hooked after reading the first page. Set in Jackson, Mississippi in 1965, The Help explores the relationships between the young, white housewives and the black maids they employ. Unforgettable.

3. Etta by Gerald Kolpano   Etta Place is the focus of Gerald Kolpano’s work of fiction. “Etta” is the girlfriend of the Sundance Kid. She becomes a member of the “Hole in the Wall Gang”. Her life story is interesting, poignant, unexpected, and adventurous.

4. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins is a young adult book that I thoroughly enjoyed. The first book in a trilogy, it is set in post-apocalyptic America, now known as Panem. Panem is divided into 12 districts. Once a year each district chooses one boy and one girl to fight to the death in a televised game until there is only one person left – the champion. The second book, Catching Fire, is listed by Dori and Megan as one of their favorites for 2009.

5. The Girl She Used to Be by David Cristofano is a unique debut work of fiction. It is the story of a family that is forced into the Witness Protection Program with its lifelong adjustments. The story unfolds with a relaxed telling and it has just the right amount of twists and turns. The movie rights have been sold.

                                                                                                                                                                          — Janet

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