A Tribute to Grandma Brown

After reading Miss Julia Paints the Town by Ann B. Ross, I have decided that Miss Julia reminds me of my husband’s late grandmother. Vera Brown -like Miss Julia- was feisty, outspoken, determined, devoted, caring, devout and adventurous. She spent her life in rural Missouri and Nebraska. She loved being around children, with 8 of her own followed by many grandchildren and many more great grandchildren. She worked as a cook at the local high school. Money was tight so she always planted a huge garden which provided an abundance for canning and plenty to share with neighbors. She excelled at sewing and needlepoint, often entering her handiwork in county fair competitions, earning some blue ribbons and a little extra cash. The coffee pot was always on at Grandma Brown’s house ready for a neighborly visit with anyone who stopped by.


Later in life Grandma Brown became an avid reader. I know she would have loved reading the Miss Julia series and would have valued the comparison between herself and the character of Miss Julia.