Your Library Staff at Home – Making & Crafting

It’s Saturday already – where did the week go? Between working, puttering, stressing, eating, drinking, and DuoLingo, it flew by a little too fast.

I promised a completed shawl, but, of course, it’s not finished yet – let’s try next week, o.k.?

In the meantime, let’s talk about what making and crafting mean to you. Are you a cook, a baker, a gardener? These are all forms of creativity that get overlooked when we talk about crafting. My son, a college student, has found that baking bread in these times is a soothing past-time. Here’s a loaf of sourdough and some focaccia that he made this week – delicious and creative.  This morning he served us Crepe Suzette – yes I am very lucky! But also, it’s a good thing I’m taking daily walks.

I’ve been doing more cooking than I have in a very long time. Indulgent pot roast, healthy veggie pasta, and homemade pizza are a few dinners we’ve enjoyed. I’ve always loved cookbooks and have been checking out a few recently. Sam Sifton’s See You on Sunday is a keeper and I just checked out Small Victories by Julia Turshen on Overdrive. There are so many digital cookbooks – explore on Overdrive to see what you can find and try a new recipe!

Gardening has become my refuge in these days as well – cleaning out the garden and pruning, watching the plants come up, and dreaming and planning of all the things I want to do in my gardens this year. Again, Overdrive has some gardening titles to inspire – I’ve been looking all the shade garden and native gardening books – it gives me hope for the future.

So get out there and do something creative – cook, make, craft, garden, draw, paint, write – give your spirit a little soothing – we all need it! For more ideas, check out week 2 of Creativebug’s Crafting at Home series.

I’d love to hear what you’re making, so comment below. Stay safe and stay home!

~ Dori