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Read a book by a “new to you” author February 25, 2019

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There’s still time to finish that Winter Reading Bingo card and fill your “new to you” author square. A new-to-you author can be just about anyone, but if you typically pick up a bestseller, here are a few books by new or lesser-known authors who may fly under your radar. (We have a flyer named Under the Radar Fiction that comes out each month in the new fiction area of the Grand Reading Room). This list is all recent books, so they will be found in New Fiction. I saw many of these on our shelves just this morning!

The Red Address Book by Sofia Lundberg

Radiant Shimmering Light by Sarah Selecky

American Spy by Lauren Wilkenson

The Eulogist by Terry Gamble


Why Short Stories Work for Me November 21, 2017

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Our schedules are demanding. Our obligations overwhelming. How can can we be expected to find any time to read? Especially when there are all those critically acclaimed Netflix series/Atwood Adaptations/Groundbreaking Cable shows demand to be watched.

I do love to read but sometimes it can be an uphill battle to sit down and get through a book. I feel worse when I begin a novel and loose interest a 100 pages in. So how can I actually get a chance to enjoy what I am reading, finish a story, and fit it into my schedule? For me the answer came in the form of short stories.

Short story collections solve many of the obstacles I had to sitting down and getting through a book. Don’t have a lot of time but want to to be able to get through an entire plot? No problem, the story is only 20 pages long. Want to a bit of variety and get to sample many different literary voices? Anthologies are the perfect solution. Have a favorite author but they haven’t released the next book in their big series? See if they have any short story collections or if they have edited and collected the works of other authors. Unable to get through the whole collection before you have to return the book? That’s fine, each story was a world in itself and you haven’t created any cliffhangers for yourself.

Short stories can keep up with your busy schedule while giving you a bonus sense of satisfaction when you get through the whole collection. 300 pages doesn’t seem as bad when it is broken up into 10 stories, each giving you a natural rest in between to recharge and carrier on.

Here are a few of my favorite short story collections:

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Snowy Reads January 5, 2010

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The snow’s still falling here—three days in a row. It’s called lake effect and it is typical for Cleveland in January.  All this snow has me thinking about some of my favorite books where snow plays a big part in the story.


In The Big Thaw by Donald Harstad, it’s 30 below in the Iowa heartland and usually crime takes a vacation when it’s this cold. But when the sheriff discovers a break-in at the home of a farmer who is wintering in Florida, it leads to information about the possible hijack of a floating casino riverboat. I can still picture the sheriff driving down the single lane roads with walls of snow higher than his car on either side.

Imagine a city-wide snowman building contest in your local park as a popular winter event. Where? you say.  Only in Minneapolis. That’s how Snow Blind by P.J. Tracy begins. You can just feel the cold and wet snow, frozen toes and soggy mittens. Imagine chasing a suspect through this family event and finding the horror of two dead police officers inside a couple of the snowmen. And, the hunt for a serial killer begins.

Or, you can stay warm and just search the word “snow” in our Reading Room for more titles—just keep the hot chocolate near by.


Dan Brown Won’t Let me Down April 22, 2009

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Back in 1999 while booktalking about new thrillers at a library conference, I held up Angels & Demons by Dan Brown showing that neat original cover that looked the same upside down. Think “ambigram.” I’d forgotten all about it until just recently when another librarian said to me, “I remember you, you held up Dan Brown’s book and said he was going to be the hot new thriller author way before The Da Vinci Code was published. angels-and-demons







Since then, over the years, I’ve picked other winners in my booktalks, but a couple real “dogs,” too.  Hopefully, my picks for the “hot” reading this summer will all be sizzlers!




June: Roadside Crosses by Jeffrey Deaver – A standalone thriller about a serial killer who puts up roadside crosses with the intent to kill someone rather than as a memorial.




black-hillsJuly: Black Hills by Nora Roberts – A new romantic thriller about reunited childhood friends who must work together to solve a series of crimes threatening a wildlife refuge.





silent-hourAugust: The Silent Hour by Michael Koryta – The 4th book in the Lincoln Perry investigator series. Set in Cleveland, these just get better and better!





September: The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown – Robert Langdon returns for his third adventure.


It’s been a long wait, but I know that Dan Brown won’t let me down.