Your Library Staff at Home- Arts and Culture Online

For this weeks post rather than highlighting the digital resources of one institution I thought I would showcase multiple online exhibitions and content from cultural organizations in our area.

The Cuyahoga County Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument

The Cuyahoga County Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument is now posting weekly videos on their YouTube channel highlighting different parts of the monument’s history. This series can be used as a supplement to US and Ohio history lessons.

Akron Art Museum

The Akron Art Museum‘s YouTube channel has past artist and curator talks as well as promotional/documentation of past exhibitions and events. They also have a prompt/activity page that uses pieces from their collection.

Artist Archives of the Western Reserve

The Artist Archives of the Western Reserve has their collections as well as as a guided tour of the current exhibition, 2020 Annual Members Exhibition, hosted on their website.

Cleveland Museum of Natural History

The Cleveland Museum of Natural History has a dedicated page to all their virtual resources during their closure. These series of videos are a great way to learn not only about prehistoric life but about local Ohio wildlife.

The Cleveland Botanical Garden

The Cleveland Botanical Garden has a dedicated blog for updates on their website. They also feature a page devoted to their online learning resources and tips for individuals looking to get into bird watching.

The Cleveland Metroparks

The Cleveland Metroparks website features not only information on their available outdoor resources but also a Virtual Classroom. This page has information on the new programs created at this time as well has past digital content available.

International Women’s Air & Space Museum

International Women’s Air & Space Museum YouTube channel has history videos as well as interviews from astronauts.

MOCA Cleveland

MOCA Cleveland‘s Facebook Page features videos highlighting the staff of the institution. A great way to learn about all the different jobs within a museum as well as to get to know the people.

The Kent State Museum

The Kent State Museum has its collection online and searchable as well as a blog that shows restoration efforts by the staff. Their Gallery of Costume allows viewers to explore the fashions of the past.

Spaces Gallery

Spaces gallery’s YouTube channel features artist and curator interviews, video based art pieces, and information on current and past exhibitions.

Your Library Staff at Home- Arts and Culture Online

We continue are series of digital museum visits with

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Like our own Cleveland Museum of Art, The Met had already an amazing collection of digital resources for individuals who are unable to visit the physical location. The Met has done an amazing job giving their collection and resources a dynamic view that engages the viewer in a multitude of ways. With this resource I wanted to begin with, and emphasize, all the learning and educator resources this institution offers. Again like the Cleveland Museum of Art, The Met breaks down their resources into different categories (age/grade level) making it easy to find just what you are looking for.


For parents and educators #metkids is a great place to start to build lesson plans and create digital museum visits. Also, this resource is designed to be explored by a wide range of grade levels allowing for organic exploration and learning. their Map is a great example of this.


On the map you will see interactive red and yellow dots across the screen. You can zoom in and out of the whole map and left click and drag to move the screen. When you click on these dots a new side screen appears with information about that collection, resource, or object located in the museum.

This page will have buttons on the right hand side with additional resources and information about the object. Not all resources are available for each piece:

  • Watch: Videos about the piece or activities responding to the work
  • Listen: Audio information on the piece.
  • Discover: Detailed information on the inspiration or context of the work along with how it was made.
  • Imagine: A prompt for the viewer on ideas to consider with the work.
  • Create: Description of an activity that uses the piece as inspiration.
  • Even More: Exhibition brochures and handouts.

Time Machine

The Time Machine is a great way to explore the collection if you are studying a particular time period or area of the world. Viewers can mix and match the 3 categories (Time Periods, Geography ,Big Ideas) and then hit the start button. This will bring up objects from the museum’s collection that fit into the parameters you selected. When you click on one of the objects it returns you to the same side screen that is brought up in the Map feature.


If you are looking for just video resources this is the best place to go. Like the previous pages, Video has their resources broken into different categories so you can easily find just what you are looking for.

  • Create: Tutorials on art and creative activities.
  • Q&A: Questions from kids to the museum’s staff, artists, and experts.
  • Made by Kids: Animations produced by participants of their Animation Lab.
  • Celebrate: Documentation of past events at the museum.
  • All: All the Above


As stated on the page their Blog highlights the above resources and when new things have been added along with additional activities.

Digital Resources

This page is a one-stop-shop of all the resources that are currently available for patrons to explore from home. This curated page makes it simple to see all they offer and easily find what they are looking for. Here you will find:

Additionally, this page has links to updates on the Museum’s Closure and their participation in the the Google project Google Arts and Culture. This resource has online exhibitions to virtually explore from home.

Your Library Staff at Home- Arts and Culture Online

Hello All! Greg here, Cowan Pottery Museum Curator and Local History Librarian. During this time many museums and cultural institutions have expanded their already substantial online presence to give patrons remote access to their resources. Each week we will be highlighting a different institution and all of the free resources they offer. Whether you are looking for new educational opportunities, entertainment, inspiration for your own creative practice, or research resources for remote academic resources.

The first institution we will be highlighting is a local one:

The Cleveland Museum of Art.


The Cleveland Museum of Art will be be coming to RRPL with the new speaker series:

Exploring the Collections

Celebrating over a hundred years (founded in 1916) this museum already offered many online and remote resources. Recently they have made it very easy to find all they offer by creating their Home Is Where the Art Is resource page.

On this page you will find links to search and explore their vast collections online. You can choose different stylistic periods, limit results by medium, artists, and culture. Some objects have video that allow for a more dynamic appreciation of sculptural pieces and information on the history of the piece.

Learn about their 30,000 public domain artworks and how they are being used in commercial and non-commercial ways. This resource also has 3D models that can be downloaded via Sketchfab.

Looking for some direction? You can hear from their staff with their Blog and new Video Series. A great resource when you are looking where to start.

Parents and Educators

Additional they offer some amazing resource for learners at any age with their:


Patrons can search these resources by grade level and topics to create engaging lessons about the history of art as well as connecting them to STEM.


11 paintings
Artist: Frederic Clay Bartlett
11 paintings Artist: Frederic Clay Bartlett, 1918, Negative 00057, Cleveland Museum of Art Archives

The Museum’s library, Ingalls Library, has some amazing remote resources for researchers. I have personally used these resources when researching the artists of the Cowan Pottery Studio. Specifically their May Show Archive has been especially valuable to my research of Cowan Artists’ careers. When researching my talk for last year’s Cowan Pottery Symposium I was able to use their Entry Card Database to find the handwritten entry cards from artists like R. Guy Cowan, Edris Eckhardt, Thelma Frazier-Winters, and many more!

Cowan, Reginald Guy–1919 May Show, Cleveland Museum of Art Archives

To get familiar with these resources a great place to start is their Digital Collections. This page highlights their digitized resources and allows users to become comfortable with the interface.

The Editorial Photography collection gives you the opportunity to see exhibition’s from the museum’s past. You get the chance to see previous exhibits as well as how the museum’s appearance has changed over the years.

Gallery 27 - Year in Review

Gallery 27 – Year in Review, 1961, Negative
32720J, Cleveland Museum of Art Archives

African American History Month-Art in Cleveland

Today we are featuring the rich history of the arts in Northeast Ohio. Below are different opportunities to see and support the arts within our community.

The Memory Project highlights the work of artists who were featured in:

Each in Their Own Voice: African-American Artists in Cleveland, 1970-2005


An exhibition at Cleveland State University Art Gallery which ran from from January 23 to March 7, 2009.

HomeCurrent has on displayed

 On view November 24, 2017 – March 4, 2018.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2018
The GoogleDoodle celebrating the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. was created by Cleveland-based artist Cannaday Chapman in collaboration with the Black Googlers Network (BGN) and was featured on



Looking for a local way “to celebrate, stimulate, and encourage the study of works created by African and African American artist”? Think about joining Friends of African and African American Art.