Snowy Reads

The snow’s still falling here—three days in a row. It’s called lake effect and it is typical for Cleveland in January.  All this snow has me thinking about some of my favorite books where snow plays a big part in the story.


In The Big Thaw by Donald Harstad, it’s 30 below in the Iowa heartland and usually crime takes a vacation when it’s this cold. But when the sheriff discovers a break-in at the home of a farmer who is wintering in Florida, it leads to information about the possible hijack of a floating casino riverboat. I can still picture the sheriff driving down the single lane roads with walls of snow higher than his car on either side.

Imagine a city-wide snowman building contest in your local park as a popular winter event. Where? you say.  Only in Minneapolis. That’s how Snow Blind by P.J. Tracy begins. You can just feel the cold and wet snow, frozen toes and soggy mittens. Imagine chasing a suspect through this family event and finding the horror of two dead police officers inside a couple of the snowmen. And, the hunt for a serial killer begins.

Or, you can stay warm and just search the word “snow” in our Reading Room for more titles—just keep the hot chocolate near by.