Let’s Play!

Even though Old Man Winter has been taking it easy on us this year, I’m sure everyone is getting (at least mentally) ready for Spring and dreaming about getting out to escape the doldrums. If you don’t have a timeshare to use in the tropics, (or even if you do), you might want to try scheduling some adult play dates to mix up your post-work and weekend routines. Here are some ideas:

Head to a trivia night! Bring your big-brained friends and compete for bragging rights (or prizes depending on the venue). Tons of local places, including Around the Corner in Lakewood, host trivia nights that let you stimulate your mind while you snack or sips some suds.


Play Bingo! A fun game that is taken very seriously in church basements all over our area every night of the week, bingo can be an entertaining way to spend a cold winter’s afternoon or evening. The best thing of all is that you have the chance to win some serious money when you play! Search for a Bingo night near you!

Do something artsy! Most nights out leave you with a lighter wallet and nothing else. Why not go somewhere you can create your own masterpiece in one night? Check out spots like Pinot’s Palette or Painting with a Twist to book a painting party. Or learn to blow glass at Ohio City’s Glass Bubble Project!

Come to a library program! Rocky River Public Library hosts a wide variety of programs (on music, cooking, book discussions, computers, movies and more) for adults, and would love to see you here. Search our program calendar here to plan your next visit. While you’re here, pick up some books, magazines and movies! We’ll be looking for you!

& Until next time, get out there and play!   ~Carol

Who doesn’t love a quiz?

It’s a beautiful day outside -so I’m hoping you’re not reading this right away… Instead, I’m hoping you’re out there gallivanting around in the sunshine -the quizzes will wait! I’ve only taken two of them -so far. I wouldn’t argue with my results on Which Bennett Sister are You? -no, I didn’t get the coveted Elizabeth. On the other hand, Who’s Your Book Sidekick gave me a sidekick I’ve never heard of… I guess I just added a book to my reading list?

Any kind of online quizzes can get addictive -and so here’s a list of 25 Fun Bookish Quizzes to keep the good times going! (In fact, I think I have to try that one where you guess the book by it’s closing line…right now!)