New historical fiction

Peril in Paris by Rhys Bowen

Set in 1936, Darcy and Georgiana are expecting their first child when Darcy must travel to Paris. He invites Georgiana along who will be able to spend time in Paris with her best friend, Belinda. Belinda works for Coco Chanel, the French fashion designer. There are significant fashion shows taking place at the time Georgiana is visiting, so Belinda will be busy with work.

Darcy is on some kind of dangerous assignment in Paris when he asks Georgiana to intercept microfilm at one of Chanel’s fashion shows. Gerda Goldberg’s scientist husband has developed a poison gas detector the Nazis want. Gerda, a friend of Nazi leader Hermann Goring’s wife, will be in attendance at the show, and so will Georgiana. Gerda will have the microfilm and will give it to Georgiana.

The woman sitting in Gerda Goldberg’s seat at the fashion show was not Gerda. A pushy American woman from Pennsylvania took Gerda’s seat and ended up dead. Cyanide meant for Gerda was accidently given to the American.

This is the 16th entry in the “Royal Spyness Mystery” series. This series is just plain fun!



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