Book Review: The Golden Spoon

Six contestants. An idyllic setting. Baked goods. And…murder?

The Golden Spoon is the coveted award for the Bake Week competition. Hosted by baking royalty and America’s Grandmother Betsy Martin, production is ready to shoot the popular show. Six bakers- Stella, Hannah, Lottie, Gerald, Pradyumna and Peter move into the west wing of Grafton Manor, Betsy’s beautiful Vermont estate. Her personal wing is off limits to everyone but her new co-host, Archie Morris.

Betsy isn’t pleased to share the spotlight, and each contestant seems to have their own motivations. As the youngest, Hannah wants to prove herself. Stella is a fangirl who wants nothing more than to have afternoon tea with Betsy. But Lottie seems more interested in the house than baking, wandering around looking for who knows what. Gerald’s precise and measured baking reflect his rigid personality. Pradyumna is already a millionaire and everyday man Peter is just here the journey. The tent is full of tension and delicious baked goods, but sabotage and suspense play out on the grounds of Grafton Manor.

First things first, this book draws *heavily* from the beloved Great British Bake Off. If you love GBBO or Clue, you will love this book. This cozy mystery is a light-hearted romp where everyone has ulterior motives.

The Golden Spoon comes out on March 7. Request a copy here.

*I received a review copy from Simon & Schuster and Edelweiss. This is my honest review. 


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