Fall into a Steamy Romance

In Jasmine Guillory’s latest romance, 34-year-old Margot Noble has been too busy proving herself to her brother by running her family’s Napa winery to worry about her love life. The night Margot meets Luke Williams, a younger man who has recently moved back to town, sparks fly. Margot’s bestie encourages her to have a one-night stand with him, and Margot goes out of her comfort zone and does it, literally. She and Luke have an incredible and unforgettable evening and Margot is sure she will never see Luke again–only to discover the following day that her brother has hired him to work at their winery. Now, Margot is Luke’s boss, and though seeing him daily is torture, she knows that he is forbidden fruit.

Meanwhile, Luke has been lying to his mother about why he left his high-powered tech job to return home. To complicate matters further, he’s told his mom that he’s dating his high school girlfriend, even though they are just the best of friends. While Luke doesn’t plan to stay in Napa long, he can’t stop thinking about Margot. The more time he spends working for her, his attraction and respect for her grows. Could this be the start of a beautiful relationship? Or is their attraction doomed to die on the vine?

Pick up this super-steamy, quick read of a romantic comedy that has engaging and well-rounded characters, and prepare to get Drunk On Love.



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