This Book Might Just Make You Swoon

Nora Goes Off Script by Annabel Monahan

Although she makes her living writing screenplays for The Romance Channel, Nora Hamilton isn’t much of a romantic. So, when her husband left her and their two kids, it was mostly a relief. Nora got her ex out of her system by writing a cathartic story about the end of their relationship and divorce. She’s surprised, though, when the script is bought by a production company and even more surprised that she’ll be compensated for filming to take place in the tea house on her property in her small upstate New York town.

When filming wraps, not all the actors have left. The very handsome and very famous Leo Vance’s trailer is still on her property, showing no signs of leaving. Leo asks Nora if he can pay her to stay for a week to decompress. Nora needs the cash and agrees and soon, Leo has insinuated himself into her and her kids’ daily lives. To complicate matters, Nora begins a wild affair with Leo, but unsure that his feelings for her are real, wonders what will happen when he returns to his Hollywood day job.

Nora Goes Off Script by Annabel Monaghan is a terrific romantic comedy filled with witty banter, complex characters, and a great setting. If you like women’s fiction and romance novels where characters grow and change, Hallmark movies, and fairy-tale happy endings, grab a copy of Nora Goes Off Script.



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