New Historical Fiction

The Unkept Woman: a Sparks & Bainbridge Mystery

Both Iris and Gwen love working at the Right Sort Marriage Bureau. Gwen Bainbridge, a war widow, is seeking to regain custody of her young son and to regain control of her finances. In 1944 after Gwen’s husband was killed, she attempted suicide and was committed to an asylum. Her in-laws were given custody of Ronnie, Gwen’s son. Iris Sparks, a former spy, is happy to have left her old life behind but cannot totally escape it.

It is 1946 when pregnant Helena Jablonski, a Polish widow, shows up at the Right Sort Marriage Bureau to make a connection with Iris. Helena needs help and was told Iris could help her.

Sadly, Helena is killed in Iris’ apartment. Even though Gwen had been warned by her attorney and psychiatrist that being involved with another murder investigation could jeopardize her ability to regain custody of her son, both Gwen and Iris become involved in solving the murder.

The fourth entry in the Sparks & Bainbridge mystery series is a fun quick read. (Their matchmaking business is less important in this entry in the series.) I heartily recommend reading them in order.

The Right Sort of Man (2019)

A Royal Affair (2020)

A Rogue’s Company (2021)

The Unkept Woman (2022)



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