A Suspenseful Summer Read

The It Girl
by Ruth Ware

When Hannah Jones heads to Oxford to study literature, she expects her world to change. What she doesn’t expect is to be paired with a roommate like April Coutts-Cliveden. April has it all -she’s rich, beautiful, has an adoring fan club of young men and seemingly never has to study.

When April is found murdered in their common room, Hannah names Oxford employee John Neville as the man she saw leaving the crime scene. Neville is convicted for April’s murder, and traumatized and hounded by journalists, Hannah never returns to school.   

Ten years later, Hannah is now pregnant and married to one of April’s exes and living in Edinburgh. When she receives news that John Neville has died in jail, instead of feeling relief, she begins questioning whether or not she was responsible for convicting an innocent man. If Neville didn’t kill April, who did?

This fast-paced novel is the perfect academic mystery to sink your teeth into. It’s suspenseful, dark, clever and has excellent character development and an ending that this reader didn’t see coming. If you are looking for a perfect psychological thriller this summer, pick up The It Girl by Ruth Ware.  



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