Historical Fiction for your consideration

This novel is based on the life of Lyudmila “Mila” Pavilchenko, nicknamed “Lady Death”. When the Germans invaded Russia, Mila enlisted. She was a librarian, young mother and history student working on her dissertation. Mila rose through the ranks and oversaw a platoon. Her job was to train others and kill Nazis. Mila became a successful female sniper with 309 kills.

In 1942, Mila was part of a delegation to Washington D.C. to help persuade America to open a second front during World War II. Americans were curious about the lady sharpshooter and Mila became a popular speaker. First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and Mila became fast friends their friendship continuing well after FDR’s passing.

In a male-dominated army during WWII, Mila was a rare person who deserves her place in history.


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