A Book That Rocks

The Unsinkable Greta James
by Jennifer E. Smith

36-year-old Greta James is a successful indie rock star whose world is turned upside-down when her mother unexpectedly dies. Grief causes Greta to meltdown on stage in a disastrous performance that goes viral and prompts Greta to impulsively to break up with her current boyfriend. All Greta wants to do is hide from the world but unfortunately, her brother has talked her into going on an Alaskan cruise with their father Conrad.

Greta gets on the ship, knowing the trip will be a disaster and worried that her career might be over. The cruise, meant to be a celebration for her parent’s 40th year anniversary, will be the first time Greta and Conrad are together without her mother there as a buffer. Greta isn’t sure she can have a meaningful conversation with her dad who has always disapproved of her career choice, but now that they are trapped together for a week on the ocean, she might just have to try.

This novel about grief, family, and growing up is moving story with sympathetic characters, a bit of romance, and atmospheric depictions of Alaska. You won’t regret getting on board with The Unsinkable Greta James by Jennifer E. Smith. Just be sure to pack a tissue or two.


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