Cozy up with a good book

James Acton, a pilot with the Royal Air Force during WWII, is also an ordained Anglican priest. Following the war and his release from a POW camp, James and Yvetee Haddad marry. His first parish was in rural England. When Yvette suffers a miscarriage with their first child, James shuts down emotionally. He leaves Yvette to find support and comfort from a stranger who experienced a miscarriage many years earlier. Unknown to James, the women became close friends.

Fast forward 20+ years and James, now a widower, is at another rural parish not far from his original assignment. (Yvette died of leukemia in 1964.) When James first enters his new church he finds a silk scarf left on a pew. The scarf becomes an important hint for James. There have been too many secrets. Even Tom, James college-aged son, did not realize that he had a sister.

The book offers a dual timeline. Commentary by Yvette is interspersed based on the notebooks she left behind. Yvette’s journals are filled with her thoughts and feelings following the miscarriage and the ways James changed after that.

If you are a fan of gentle reads and historical fiction, this is the book for you.


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