Warm Up with a Riveting Read

I’ve loved reading Lisa Lutz since 2008’s The Spellman Files and its sequels, books about a family of private detectives that were filled with interesting and quirky characters and had me rolling with laughter and eagerly awaiting each installment. Her brand-new book, The Accomplice, a twisty mystery/thriller standalone novel, had me hooked as well.

Luna and Owen have been the best of friends since college and while it might appear otherwise, their relationship has always been strictly platonic. For years, they have been each other’s “ride or die” friend, the one who will keep your secrets no matter what, lie for you when you need them to, and generally have your back whatever the situation.

In 2019, long past college days, Luna and Owen are neighbors married to other people. Still inseparable, they both find themselves questioned when Owen’s wife is murdered. Unfortunately, it’s not the first time either of them have been in this situation. While students at Markham University, a girlfriend of Owen’s mysteriously died. Though they both claim innocence in both crimes, there are secrets they each are desperately trying to keep hidden, including why Luna changed her name many years ago. How far will these two friends go to protect one another’s secrets and how well do they really know one another after all?

Suspense, secrets galore, witty banter, well-drawn (flawed) characters, and a surprise ending? This book really does have it all! Fans of Liane Moriarty who haven’t discovered Lisa Lutz and fans of contemporary character-driven mysteries will not be disappointed with The Accomplice.



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