Cozy up with a good book

Her Hidden Genius

by Marie Benedict

During the 1940’s and 1950’s, Rosalind’s family wanted her to stay close to home, marry well, have children, and participate in family philanthropic endeavors. Instead Dr. Rosalind Franklin (1920-1958) became a brilliant scientist in a field normally dominated by men.

She participated in the “race to DNA” in Paris and London. A couple of male colleagues fraudulently took much of her research, lied, and received personal recognition, including a Nobel Prize, for Rosalind’s discoveries. Unfortunately, Rosalind died young from cancer probably due to her long-term exposure to radiation.

Even though the scientific terminology and procedures described were beyond my understanding at times, another forgotten heroine has been brought to the forefront by author Marie Benedict. I heartily recommend every historical fiction novel by the author.

The Other Einstein (2016)

Carnegie’s Maid (2018)

The Only Woman in the Room (2019)

Lady Clementine (2020)

The Mystery of Mrs. Christie (2020)

The Personal Librarian (2021) – with Victoria Christopher Murray

Her Hidden Genius (2022) 


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