Warm Up with a Good Book

Miss Iris Sparks (a former British Intelligence Officer) and Mrs. Gwendolyn Bainbridge (a young upper class widow), co-owners of the “Right Sort Marriage Bureau”, are contacted by Lady Patience Matheson a cousin of Gwen’s who works in the palace. A letter meant for Princess Elizabeth was intercepted. Someone claims to have damaging information. Supposedly this blackmailer has correspondence written between Alice, Phillip’s mother, and a lover. Lady Matheson wants Iris and Gwen to authenticate the assertions and find out who sent the letter. The information needs to be proven true or false before the Princess and Philip become engaged. The investigation must remain hush-hush.

The second entry in the Sparks & Bainbridge Mystery series is a delight and a sure winner for fans of British mystery series and the royal family.

Sparks & Bainbridge Mystery series

The Right Sort of Man – 2019

A Royal Affair – 2020

Rogue’s Company – 2021

Unkept Woman – 2022


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