Fall into a Good Book

The Bookseller’s Secret: A Novel of Nancy Mitford and WWII

by Michelle Gable

This is the story of two bestselling authors, modern-day fictional novelist Katharine Cabot and legendary author Nancy Mitford (1904-1973). Nancy, the eldest of the famous Mitford sisters, worked at the Heywood Hill Bookshop in London during the second half of WWII. Katherine, who is staying with a friend in London, ends up working at the same bookstore. In walks Simon Bailey. He is hunting for an unpublished manuscript and is convinced it is in the Mitford files housed at the bookstore. Felix, owner of Heywood Hill, carefully guards those files not granting access according to the Mitford family’s wishes. There is some link between Simon’s grandmother Lea and Nancy. Simon wants to prove the connection and Katherine is pulled into the mystery. Of course, a close relationship develops between Katherine and Simon.

For fans of historical fiction, bookstores and those committed to finding answers.


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