Fall into a Good Book

Yours Cheerfully
by A.J. Pearce

In this sequel to Dear Mrs. Bird, its 1941 when Emmeline Lake is hired as the wartime advice columnist for “Woman’s Friend” magazine. Along with her publisher, Emmy attends the Ministry of Information meetings where the need for women wartime workers is stressed. The British magazines are asked by the Ministry to do their part to help recruit more women. Emmy is up to the challenge and expands her role at “Women’s Friend”. She is allowed to visit a munitions factory to see firsthand women workers at their jobs and write a series of articles for the magazine. She is allowed to interview women who face the difficulty of being wartime workers, wives and mothers. With their long workdays and odd hours, these women need government-sponsored nurseries for daycare. Emmy and her best friend Bunty help take up the cause for nurseries, equal pay for equal work, and the ability for women to join the union.

The second entry in the Emmeline Lake Chronicles series is a heartwarming novel with a little romance. Emmy gets married just as her husband joins the fight.


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