Fall into a Great Series

I have mixed emotions after finishing Richard Osman’s second book in his “Thursday Murder Club” series. Yes, I loved every minute I spent turning the pages in The Man Who Died Twice, but now I am dismayed and left waiting for the next installment. It was that good!

Set in a quaint English town, this sequel to The Thursday Murder Club follows the adventures of octogenarians Elizabeth, Joyce, Ron and Ibrahim, and it picks up where that book left off. The foursome, who lost some people dear to them and made some new friends (in the form of two local detectives), have grown even closer and still live in the same retirement community. Most importantly, however, they are all still obsessed with solving crimes and meet weekly to try and solve them.

In The Man Who Died Twice, readers learn all about Elizabeth’s past life as a spy with MI5 and all about her ex-husband Douglas. Elizabeth thought Douglas was gone forever, but now he has re-materialized. Douglas has stolen some diamonds from a dangerous bad guy, he asks the smartest woman he knows, Elizabeth, to help keep him alive.

Meanwhile, Ibrahim has been badly beaten in a mugging and now just wants to hide in his apartment from the world. The Thursday Murder Club set out to find whoever hurt their friend and when they do, be certain that the mugger will never underestimate a senior citizen again.

But will Ibrahim’s crisis distract Elizabeth from keeping both of her eyes on Douglas? She’ll have to ask her friends for help. As ever, they are up for the task.

You’ll want to read The Man Who Died Twice to the very end to find out if the club saves their man. Be prepared for laughs, red herrings, murders, and more in this truly entertaining read that is even better than its predecessor. Come for the crime solving and stay for the highly entertaining hi-jinx of a lovable slew of characters. And then just try to wait patiently for the series’ third book.


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