The Show Girl

by Nicola Harrison

It’s 1927 when Olive McCormick leaves Minnesota seeking fame and fortune in New York City. She is determined to become a star in the Ziegfeld Follies. When Olive is hired as Ziegfeld show girl, she soon becomes a wildly popular singer and dancer. Olive enjoys her exciting city life along with her independence. When she meets Archie Carmichael, a wealthy handsome businessman, he is supportive of her career, until the couple starts talking about marriage. Archie wants children and is quite able to support a stay-at-home wife. Olive has a past she is unwilling to share with Archie and calls off their wedding.

With the stock market crash of 1929, Olive’s father is desperate. The family’s life savings and his job are gone. Archie too loses everything. When Olive’s aunt May passes away long-held secrets are revealed. Fortunately, Olive reaches out to Archie and her talents, and his forgiveness allow them to move ahead with a new plan.

Surprises, romance, history and glamour await the reader of this breezy story.


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