The Sweet Taste of Muscadines

by Pamela Terry

Lila Breedlove, living in Maine, learns that her mother died. (Unfortunately, no one knew she was sick.) Geneva was found by daughter Abbey in the muscadine arbor in the backyard. Lila and brother Henry head to Wesleyan, Georgia for the funeral. Sadly, their mother left instructions stating that she did not want a funeral. Consequently, the three children decide to celebrate the life of their mother by holding a wake at the family home.

Days later Henry and Lila investigate the area where their mother’s body was found and discover a tin of old letters which Geneva must have been looking for. One of the letters was from their father which was dated after he was supposedly killed in Vietnam. In the letter he reveals his feelings for his family and others. He makes the decision to leave. Subsequently, Geneva plays the part of grieving widow for many years with the story she makes up of her husband’s death.

Henry and Lila head to Scotland to try and find their father. They hope to understand the truth behind all the family secrets and reestablish relationships.

This is a tale of family, lifelong secrets, forbidden love and too much time lost.


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