Discover Films @RRPL

Did you know that RRPL is an online provider of entertainment to our patrons? We offer entertainment through the streaming services Hoopla and Kanopy. Simply go to our website here. Click on the streaming service of your choice, create an account with your library card and begin browsing.

On a monthly basis we offer two separate programs, Film Club and Streaming Stories Spotlight, which highlights a film selected from one of our streaming services.

In June Film Club will be discussing Another Round, a 2020 comedy/drama Danish film about four high school teachers who embark on an experiment about alcohol consumption. Film Club will be discussing this film on Thursday, June 24th at 7pm. You can sign up for this event here. The film is currently streaming on Hoopla.

Oscar-winning film Another Round gets OTT release date | Entertainment  News,The Indian Express

Also in June, Streaming Stories Spotlight will be featuring Miss Juneteenth, a 2020 American drama film about a former beauty queen and single mom preparing her teenage daughter for the “Miss Juneteenth” pageant. You can view our review of the film here. The film is currently streaming on Kanopy.

Miss Juneteenth (2020) - Filmaffinity

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