The Last Green Valley

by Mark Sullivan

Based on a little-known tale of the war and its aftermath, it’s 1944 when Emil and Adeline Martel are forced to make a life-changing decision. Stalin’s forces are pushing into Ukraine. The couple and their two young sons can stay and continue to suffer under Stalin’s reign of terror or move west. The Nazis pledged to protect “pure-blood” Germans if they leave Ukraine. When Emil is captured and deported to a Russian prison camp, he pleads with his wife to continue moving west. Emile promises to find Adeline and the boys.

Thanks to the Red Cross, the family is eventually reunited. Fortunately, Adeline has distant relatives in Montana who offer them a place to stay on their farm. Neither Emil or Adeline are idle and they don’t stay with Adeline’s relatives for long. Soon Emil builds a house for his family. He then starts his own construction company which successfully provides for his family and many others.

Despite the hardships described, this is a moving story of love, faith and one family’s incredible will to survive. Much of the book is based on historical fact.


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