Before she was Helen

by Caroline B. Cooney

Clemmie Lakefield alias Helen Stephens has been living a lie for over 50 years. Helen is a semi-retired high school Latin teacher who lives in Sun City, South Carolina, a close-knit retirement community. Helen checks in on her recluse neighbor Dom Spesante daily. When Dom doesn’t answer his phone or reply to her text messages, she uses her emergency key to check his home. Helen notices another door in an unusual place that connects Dom’s home with his other neighbor. Of course, she checks it out and discovers an unusual glass sculpture. She sends a picture to her great-nephew who immediately posts it on the internet. The sculpture is stolen. Suddenly Helen becomes the target of a deadly drug dealer attempting to retrieve the sculpture and a large amount of cash. When a dead body is found in Dom’s garage, Helen fears her past life as Clemmie Lakefield may be uncovered as police investigate. Her past life dealt with the death of a favorite basketball coach at her high school.

A prolific author for young adults. This is her first adult novel which is full of twists and turns.



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