Discover@RRPL – Play Ball!

I just love April! It means Spring and Spring means Baseball! I’ve been a fan since I was tiny, listening to games with my Dad on the radio while he was working on yard projects or fixing whatever used car we had at the time. Something about the soothing sounds of the crowds, the crack of the bat, and cheering for the home team fill me with nostalgia and comfort and make me feel like everything is okay. What started as a family tradition for me continues on, but I doubt I am the only one looking forward to going to a game in person this year knowing that the stands at Progressive Field will be filled with actual fans instead of the cardboard cutouts that 2020 season saw. I’ll listen to today’s home opener on the radio, for old time’s sake, and then I’ll start reading the book I’ve had on hold that, coincidentally, just became available for me.

The Resisters by Jen Gish is a dystopian novel set in a not-too-distant future America about “haves” and “have-nots,” but it is also all about baseball and a girl named Gwen, a pitcher with a dynamite arm. This book sounds tailor-made for a book and baseball fan like me. I can’t wait! Find it in our catalog here. But first, let’s hope the good guys win! -Carol

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