The Kitchen Front


by Jennifer Ryan

Due to rationing during WWII, feeding one’s family became a real challenge. Four very different women decide to enter a cooking competition sponsored by a local BBC radio show. Contestants must use ingredients with food rationing in mind. The winner will co-host the popular  “Home Front” radio show. Those competing included a widow with 3 boys, her wealthy sister, a timid kitchen maid, and a single pregnant chef. Due to a variety of unforeseen circumstances, these women end up living together, becoming friends and ardent supporters of each other’s talents and endeavors. In the end, it really didn’t matter who won the contest.

During the Second World War, millions of people actually listened to an early morning five-minute BBC radio program called “The Kitchen Front”. The Public Relations Division of the Ministry of Food gave the public guidance about the healthiest way to feed themselves and to make the best use of their rations. This is a heartwarming book with bonus wartime recipes.


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