If Today Be Sweet

Book Jacket

by Thrity N. Umrigar

Tehmina (Tammy), recently widowed from India, is visiting her only son Sorab, American daughter-in-law Susan, and young grandson Cavas (Cookie) in upscale suburban Cleveland. She needs to decide whether to return to Bombay or remain in the United States. Having previously relied on her husband, Rustom, to make all major decisions, Tammy cannot decide what to do. She realizes that as a longtime guest in Sorab’s home, that situation has put a lot of stress on her son’s marriage. When Tehmina witnessed the neighbor abuse her 2 little boys at Christmas, the police are finally called and the boys are taken away. Tehmina is a hero for intervening. Eventually Tehmina decides where she will live but only on her own terms.

A beautiful story published in 2007.







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