Dear Miss Kopp

by Amy Stewart

The sisters are separated during this time but each is doing their part for the war effort. They share their adventures with each other through letters. Fleurette performs with “May Ward and her 8 Dresden Dolls”, a real-life vaudeville act, for servicemen. Constance pursues German spies. Norma is part of the Army Signal Corps and serves as manager for the carrier pigeon project. The pigeons are trained to relay military messages to the front. Norma also helps her nurse roommate, Aggie, who has been wrongly accused of stealing medical supplies from the American Field hospital.

The 6th entry in the Kopp Sisters series is a quick fun read. I highly recommend reading the whole series in order.

Kopp Sisters series

  1. Girl Waits with Gun (2015)
  2. Lady Cop Makes Trouble (2016)
  3. Miss Kopp’s Midnight Confessions (2017)
  4. Miss Kopp Just Won’t Quit (2018)
  5. Kopp Sisters on the March (2019)
  6. Dear Miss Kopp (2021)
  7. Miss Kopp Investigates (2021)


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