Readalikes for Ready Player Two by Ernest Cline

Ready Player Two by Ernest Cline catalog link

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline was a bestselling phenomenon in 2011 – it was even turned into a feature film directed by Steven Spielberg himself! – and fans have waited nine years for a sequel. The aptly-titled Ready Player Two is the long-awaited follow up to Wade Watts’ adventures in the virtual reality world of OASIS. Wade has won the contest for control of the biggest tech company in the world (think Google or Amazon), but he has to go on a series of 80’s trivia-focused quests to save the world – again! You can find Ready Player Two on Overdrive here.

If you’re still waiting for your copy of Ready Player Two, check out the books below that also scratch that ‘regular person enters a video game’ itch! Click any of the book covers below to be taken to our catalog, where you can request a copy of the book with your library card number and PIN. We’ve also included links to our e-media services Overdrive and Hoopla where available. 

Reamde catalog link

Reamde by Neal Stephenson

When his own high-tech start up turns into a Fortune 500 computer gaming group, Richard Forthrast, the black sheep of an Iowa family who has amassed an illegal fortune, finds the line between fantasy and reality becoming blurred when a virtual war for dominance is triggered.

Reamde Overdrive link

Reamde Hoopla link

Sword Art Online Volume 1 catalog link

Sword Art Online (manga series) by Reki Kawahara

In the year 2022, some six thousand gamers excitedly explore the new Sword Art Online, which manipulates users’ brain waves to create a wholly realistic gaming experience, but soon learn it lacks a log-out button and to escape they must conquer all one hundred floors–or die trying.

The Glare catalog link

The Glare by Margot Harrison

Moving to her father’s home in California after a decade at her mother’s isolated ranch, a teen who has been taught to fear technology reunites with friends and family members before experiencing nightmares about a dark-web video game that poses life-threatening dangers.

88 Names catalog link

88 Names by Matt Ruff

A romantic cyberthriller set in a world of fluid identities follows the experiences of a paid guide to online role-playing games who comes to believe that an anonymous wealthy new client is actually a violent dictator.

88 Names Overdrive link

Tuesday Mooney Talks to Ghosts catalog link

Tuesday Mooney Talks to Ghosts by Kate Racculia

A dying billionaire sends one woman and a cast of dreamers and rivals on a citywide treasure hunt.

Tuesday Mooney Overdrive link

Tuesday Mooney Hoopla link

All plot summaries courtesy of Novelist.

Are you super excited for Ready Player Two? Have you read any of these readalikes? Let us know in the comments!

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