Murder in an English Village

by Jessica Ellicott

It’s 1920 when well-known American adventurer Beryl Helliwell is looking for some peace and quiet. She answers an ad posted by Edwina Davenport in the small English village of Walmsley Parva. Edwina is desperately low on funds and needs to find a roommate. Beryl is the perfect choice. The women knew each other in school decades earlier.

Someone tries to strangle Edwina in her garden. Agnes Rollins, a member of the Women’s Land Army during WWI, disappeared a couple of years ago. The body of Polly Watkins, also a former member of the Women’s Land Army, is found in a field. Are all of these events related? The local authorities are not interested in pursuing any investigations and take the easy way out. However, the likeable self-proclaimed amateur sleuths Beryl and Edwina are up for the challenge.

The first of four entries in the “Beryl and Edwina Mystery” series is a fun read. It reminds me of the “Phryne Mystery” series by Kerry Greenwood.


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