Imagine Your Story – Books


Above the Bay of Angels

by Rhys Bowen

(one of my favorite authors)

After her mother dies, 15-year-old Bella Waverly leaves school to become a servant to support her alcoholic father and younger sister. Bella witnesses the accidental death of  Helen Barton. She opens the envelope Helen was holding which is an invitation to apply as an under-cook at Buckingham Palace. Bella assumes Helen’s identity, interviews for the job, and is immediately hired. Willing to learn everything she can, Bella’s scones quickly become a favorite of Queen Victoria.

Bella is allowed to travel with the Queen’s entourage to Nice where her ability to speak French comes in handy. Many are in attendance when Princess Sophie’s fiance, Count Wilhelm, dies. It’s assumed he died from food poisoning. possibly from a mushroom Bella purchased from a local market. Bella works to figure out what really happened.

A little mystery/romance cozy fans will thoroughly enjoy.


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