Imagine Your Story – Books


The Secrets of Love Story Bridge: a Novel

by Phaedra Patrick

Widowed Mitchell Fisher, father of 9-year-old Poppy and former architect, works for the city maintenance department in Upchester, England. It has become a tradition and symbol of love to place a padlock, often engraved, on the city’s bridges. Part of Mitchell’s job is to remove them. While attaching a padlock, a young woman falls into the river.  Mitchell rescues her and she takes off. The notoriety following the rescue is intense and “hero” Mitchell is inundated with mail he feels compelled to read and respond to. The rescued woman turns out to be Yvette, a sister of Liza, Poppy’s music teacher. Yvette has been missing for over a year and Mitchell joins in the search to find her again.

A little romance and a little mystery make this a fun summer read!


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