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Miss Julia Knows...

Miss Julia Knows a Thing or Two by Ann B. Ross

Miss Julia Knows a Thing or Two by Ann B. Ross is the 22nd entry in the Miss Julia series. I’ve been a big fan of this series for many years, so I always enjoy getting back into it!

Forever supportive Julia Murdoch wants to help her friend, Etta Mae, facing future unemployment by buying a home healthcare business and selling it to her at a bargain price. Miss Julia’s neighbor, Mildred Allen, is facing the reality that she can longer care for her husband Horace at home. In addition Mildred has an unknown 6-year-old adopted granddaughter who is dropped off for Mildred to take care of at Christmas. Of course Miss Julia is ready, willing, and able to assist whenever she can.

Looking for quick feel-good stories, consider giving this series a try. When it comes to friendship, Miss Julia definitely knows a thing or two!


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