Week 5 – Virtual Book Club – Little Fires Everywhere Wrap Up

It’s the final week for our virtual book discussion of Little Fires Everywhere! So, let’s wrap this up by talking about the endings of the book and the show (they were in fact, different! Though the show writers did have the blessing of the author, Celeste Ng – see her Twitter feed for her thoughts on the matter).

  • If you have both read the book and watched the finale of the show, what did you think about the writers changing the ending? Why do you think they did that? How does it change the book, if at all? Does it make you think differently about the characters? 
  • What do you think/hope will happen to the Richardson children, Mia, and Pearl, both in the book and in the show? 
  • What is the significance of the title? To what do the “little fires everywhere” refer? 

Some questions from litlovers.com

Thank you everyone for sticking around to read and comment during this very scary time. I hope that this book club helped to distract you from things, at least for a little while! Make sure to check back next Sunday for the announcement of our next virtual book club pick! 

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