Your Library Staff at Home – what do you think about these things?

The weather is getting nicer and nicer, what a lovely thing! And (again) as I have more time at home right now, I’m looking at the backyard and thinking… what about a vegetable garden this year? I do get plenty of sun in the yard and there’s room for a small patch of produce, what do you think? Should I go for it? Raised bed or dig up some dirt? Let me know!

While you’re pondering my situation, you’ll also want to consider this:
Cox is giving a deserving teacher a $1,000 “home classroom” makeover… and we need your help
Teachers have made incredible strides in the past few weeks to ensure students stay connected to their schooling while learning remotely. Do you know of an educator who has created a dynamic virtual classroom, or is building lessons that help kids thrive in a digital learning setting? If so, we want to hear about it – and potentially award that teacher with a $1,000 virtual classroom makeover!

Click the button below to nominate an educator that is taking virtual classroom instruction to the next level. We may share their successes on our social media pages, showcase them in a TV spot, or even award them with $1,000 in equipment and technology!

And after you’ve recognized a deserving teacher, I think you deserve to watch the Great Depression Cooking channel on YouTube. These are new videos, but Clara is sweet, funny, and has good words of wisdom -all the things I need (and maybe you need?) right now! I love it when she cooks with dandelion greens!

Be kind to yourself!

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