Your Library Staff @ Home – Making & Crafting

Guess what peeps? I finished it – yes, the Icelandic shawl that has been on my needles for way too long. It’s beautiful and blocked on the bed in the back bedroom. I just have to let it dry and fix a few small details and I can wear it….next year! Here’s a look at the blocked beauty (it took the entire queen bed space to lay it out – it’s huge).


Now that that monkey on my back has been put aside for a bit, let’s focus on some other tasks – mask making – a thing we all need right now.

If you can sew, the New York Times has a fairly simple pattern that my husband is using (see below).  Local requests from University Hospitals and the Cleveland Clinic have provided a way for sewers to help during this stressful time as well. University Hospitals even provided a pattern and instructions, though they are a bit complicated if you’re new to the craft. If you’re a quilter and have quilting fabric, apparently it works really well.


There are a lot of alternatives if you’re not a sewer. This Masks4All site has tons of great ideas. Keep safe out there people.

And if you’re looking for more creative outlets, check out Week 3 of Creativebug’s Crafting at Home series. There’s Watercolor lettering, a knitted shawl (I may skip that one) and clothespin dolls for the kids – so inspiring!

I’d love to hear what you’re making, so comment below. Stay safe and stay home!

~ Dori


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