Your Library Staff at Home – Book Recommendation

st. francis society


Are you looking for a brand-new book about animals and family? I just finished St. Francis Society for Wayward Pets by Annie England Noblin and really enjoyed it.

Maeve Stephens is a successful sports journalist in Seattle, Washington until her newspaper goes under and a video is released of her boyfriend with another woman. In the midst of the chaos in her life, Maeve is notified that she inherited a house from her biological mother, Annabelle, who put her up for adoption 36 years before. Seeking a new beginning, Maeve trades in her troubled Seattle life for a fresh start in the small town of Timber Creek, Washington.

Upon moving to her new home, Maeve begins to put together pieces of her birth mother’s life. She learns that Annabelle was a town favorite, willing to help anyone (stray animals included).  In her adjustment and exploration, she comes to learn about the darker side of the town of Timber Creek, and important truths about the woman that gave birth to her.

Maeve finds a little romance, some new friends, some crabby neighbors, a couple clever animals, and a better picture of her family’s history.



Hope you enjoy!


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