Your Library Staff at Home – Keeping the young kid(s) busy while working from home

This week we had the opportunity to enjoy some happy mail for the little one, and it continues to bring us joy and engagement while trying to get some of my work tasks completed. Our happy mail included a care package from Grandma, a book from the Imagination Library and Highlights Magazine.

The care package from grandma included Easter candy and goodies, plus some very helpful handcrafted cloth masks for our little family to wear when we need to make essential runs.

My daughter also received her second book from Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, a copy of Beatrix Potter’s The Tale of Peter Rabbit and we were thrilled to add this classic to our collection. The Imagination Library is such an important resource in expanding access to books for young children. Participating communities are eligible to sign up children ages 0-5 to receive free books monthly. According the the Department of Education:

Data from the NAEP also show that students who report having more books in their homes performed better academically. Specifically, while less than 15 percent of students with between 0 and 10 books scored proficient in 2015, 50 percent of students with more than 100 books did. The data and research are clear – children who have access to print reading materials have better literacy outcomes.

The final piece of happy mail we received to help us pass the time this week was the April edition of Highlights Magazine. The coloring pages, photo hunts, and simple stories are proving to be an excellent resource to keep an eager-to-learn 4 year-old busy while I get work done.

Good health to you and yours,


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