Your Library Staff at Home – Parenting While Working from Home – For a novice by a novice

The days are quickly rolling into weeks and still, even without barely any plans, time gets away from me. Working from home has always sounded so appealing and after years of hearing from my friends working in the private sector talk about working from home, I’m giving it a try.

Thankfully the internet and social media are full of ideas to attempt to keep the little ones busy while many of us try to work from home. Read-along books through library apps like Libby and Hoopla are my reduced guilt screen time go-to when I need to get some work done. Like right now.

Read-along ebooks for kids include the text, pictures, and a narrator that highlights the words as they read. You can search the Libby and Hoopla apps with the keyword “read along” to see all of the available titles. Hoopla really takes the cake in this situation though because their licensing model allows instant access to all titles in their catalog.

So next time you need to entertain your young child while you sit in on a Zoom meeting, whip out that tablet and put our library apps to work.


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