Your library staff at home-Relaxing books for stressful times

Times may be stressful, but the books you’re reading don’t have to be! Dystopian societies, plague and cholera might be ok topics for brighter days, but for now, stick to things that are good for the soul. I gathered these from a variety of sources, so I have a disclaimer that not everyone finds the same books relaxing! I also have not read all of these, so if you know one doesn’t fit the bill, comment and let me know! Also, please add any of your favorites that may soothe jangled nerves. I know that Life of Pi was on some reading lists for uplifting books, and I cannot say I found it relaxing when I read it! At the time of this writing, these were all available in our library’s digital collection. Each cover is linked to the Digital catalog, so relax and enjoy (you’ve probably figured out by now that no matter how much time you have, you’re not going to clean your house 😉) Stay safe at home–Sara


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