Beth’s Top Titles of 2019

As a librarian it’s so nice to spend my days inside the library fully immersed in pleasure reading all day. I sit by the window and listen to the birds sing as I read the most delightful literary pros while sipping my coffee, and hearing the soft brushing of books being…wait a minute! That’s not what I do at work all day. No, no. Rest assured, I spend my work hours doing practically no pleasure reading. I save all of my leisure reading for my abundance of free time that comes with being a mom and working full-time outside the home.

This year, last year, and probably at least another year before my youngster is reading on her own, the majority of my leisure reading takes place during the bedtime routine. The good news is we have access to thousands of amazing picture books through the library so everyone involved in reading the juvenile literature can truly enjoy the experience.

Admittedly, the majority of my personal reading time these days is via audio-book and takes place commuting from one obligation to the next. I spent a lot of time listening and reading to the titles in high demand by patrons this year. Some of them were lovely, and others I just didn’t care for as much. The titles I find myself recommending over and over again range from memoirs to children’s picture books.

Here are the titles with links to our catalog so you can easily request them for yourself:

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